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IF-2D3D1 converts live or recorded 2-D video content into 3D in real time, saving significant time and production costs. Standard 2-D cameras may now be used as part of a 3-D production. It is also ideal for live event production such as sporting events, music concerts and other live performances.


  • Real-time conversion from 2-D to 3-D
  • Very low latency
  • Two 3 GHz HD-SDI inputs, 1080P capable
  • Two 3 GHz HD-SDI outputs
  • HDMI (without HDCP) In/Out
  • Two camera signals may be stereo coded
  • Adjustment or picture parallax and depth
  • External synchronization
  • Sync-Output
  • Output encoding selectable:
    ・ SIDE by SIDE
    ・ LINE by LINE
    ・ Checkerboard
    ・ Left/right separate output
    ・ Mixed/assorted output
  • Built-in waveform monitor
  • Comments