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SE3000 available as either an 8 or 16-input model to use HD/SD live production switcher filled with number of features and functions.
It has a touch screen to select EFX, stills, and balance colors. Using a touch screen means that the operator does not have to remember effect numbers and can see what they are selecting.
The dual multi-view outputs, chromakey, dual PiP, 3D functions, multi language support and a full size keyboard. The processing unit has a convenient, shallow front to back chassis, designed to accommodate mobile applications. An added interesting and powerful feature is the "Flex Source®" component, which is similar to having a second M/E. See catalogue for a connection schematic.

The 8 input version is 'one card' upgradable to the 16 input version which includes 8 up converters.Every other feature is the same in both units.

  • Up to 16 HD-SDI Inputs (8 or 16 Inputs as Standard)
  • SD-SDI Up-Scaling available for 8 inputs (on inputs 9-16 only)
  • Built-in TBC for frame synchronisation of each source, even without genlocked equipment
  • Dedicated DVI Input
  • High quality DVI-D multi screen multi-view output
  • 1 M/E Switcher with additional "Flex Source®" feature, which is similar to having a second M/E, for advanced vision mixing
  • 4 keyers(2 in M/E, 2 DSK)
  • 40 wipe patterns, with variable border width,colour, softness
  • Dual channel PIP with background & keyer
  • Built-in DVE transition engine, with 88+ transitions including page turns
  • Built-in 2 of HD/SD Chromakey
  • Built-in SD-to-HD up converters for up to 4 sources simultaneously
  • Component analogue HD output
  • 4 AUX outputs (option)
  • Built-In Still Store
  • Black level, white clip, chroma gain for each input
  • Send and return from audio mixed
  • Large touch-screen LCD panel on control unit allows for easy menu selections and setting changes
  • Separate, rack mountable processing unit
  • PC-Base Control interface available
  • User Shot Box-for quick access to user setups
  • 1080i(59.94,60,50), 720P(59.94,60,50), 525, 625,
  • DC 12V operation voltage, available for mobile

Main Unit:
  • 482(w)x88(H)x302(D)mm
  • Weight: 9Kg
Control Panel:
  • 699.4(W)x143.89(H)x436.6(D)mm
  • Weight:10Kg
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